Raw Cinnamon Rolls

These are one of my favorite recipes from my third book, Radiance 4 Life. They've been such a lifesaver on my travels! I love how they're so sweet and satisfying, yet devoid of any sweeteners (other than whole dried fruit). Enjoy!

Photo by Olga Eglite

Raw Cinnamon Rolls

Think of these as a quick, delicious, healthy alternative to packaged energy bars. Since they’re so nutrient-dense, just one little roll can be surprisingly satisfying!
▪ 1 cup raw walnuts
▪ ½ cup raisins
▪ ½ cup (packed) pitted dates (about 12 dates)
▪ 2 teaspoons cinnamon
▪ ¼ teaspoon each: sea salt and ground nutmeg
1. Place all of the ingredients in a food processor. Blend until well combined and very crumbly, but don’t over-blend—you want to retain some texture.

2. Pull out small pieces of the mixture and roll into 1-inch balls with your hands. These will store in an airtight container, refrigerated, for several weeks or more.

Makes 18 rolls (9 servings)/GF/SF/Green/R/F/30 Minutes or Under

♥ Superstars: walnuts, dates


  1. Could I use almonds in this? I am allergic to walnuts and pecans, but no other nuts. weird I know.

  2. You could use almonds, but I'm not sure how the flavors would work. Cashews might be a bit better. Good luck!

  3. Love these now all the family is eating them I have to make more! Thanks

  4. I find that raw food is VERY forgiving, you can choose whatever you prefer or have on hand, try raw sunflower seeds (very good), filberts(we call these "Washington nuts" where I live), or for omega 3 try some chia seeds. It will always take on the taste of whatever you add, but it is like a whole new recipe:)and has its own unique flavor. You acquire a "taste" for the particular flavor of each ingredient for its own value:)enjoy.

  5. "thank you, the recipe is really good. I enjoyed the recipe it was really yummy. we used hazelnuts instead of walnuts because my daddy is allergic to walnuts." ~ River age 4

    awesome recipe Tess! I love that my daughter can be fully involved in this recipe, i can put her to work on shaping the balls. just got to figure out a way to keep her from eating them all. hehe

  6. Tess, I bought all 3 of your books, and have yet to find a recipe that isn't delicious or rewarding. This recipe, though, takes the cake. I made these today and I was swearing like a sailor when I tasted them. (That's a good thing.) So delicious. You rock so hard!!! --Corri

  7. Corri,

    Your comment totally made my day. YOU rock!! xo

  8. These were soooo yummy!! We made them today. My daughter helped me roll up the little balls.

    We didn't have walnuts but used equal parts pecans and almonds and added some shredded coconut to make up for our skimpy stash of nuts. Not sure if it vered away for the perfect taste of a full walnut cup, but tasty nonetheless.