Magic Beans: Three Tips for a Perfect State of Bean

Yes, beans are magic! What do I mean by this bold statement? Well, I have long adored and been amazed by the humble yet fabulous bean. For one thing, beans are one of the main reasons I was able to lose over 40 lbs. nine years ago. Their high fiber and low fat and calorie content make them the ideal trimming food. Not only that, they're crazy high in iron, vitamins, and other nutrients. Plus, when prepared correctly, they are absolutely delish!

Beany Tips, Baby:
1. Kombu makes all the difference! Be sure to add this nutrient-rich sea veggie to every pot of beans you cook. It adds minerals and enhances the flavor of beans--in fact, it's what msg was derived from (but of course, kombu is the natural, healthy, totally non-creepy form). Plus, it helps your system digest them much more easily.
2. Soaking makes all the difference! For me, soaking is a must when using dried beans. If I don't take the time to soak them, well, you know the rest. Especially if you were on that trip to New Mexico that one time. Personally, I like to begin soaking them beans in the morning so that they'll be ready for dinner that same day. Simply put plenty of water over dried beans and let them hang out amongst themselves for at least 6-8 hours.
3. Seasonings make all the difference! Beans are delicious when flavored well. Try Mexican, Indian, Italian, Greek, or eclectic flavorings...just to start with! In Radiant Health, Inner Wealth, there are all kinds of bean recipes in each of those categories. Plus, a perennial favorite, "Black-eyed Peas with Kale" that is lowfat and really yummy. Try using bold flavors with your beans such as fresh lemon and lime juice, chopped garlic, and other zippy seasonings to really bring out the flavors.

I hope this edition of the Radiant Health, Inner Wealth blog has inspired you in some small way to bean it up. Because beans truly are one of Nature's perfect foods!


  1. Where do you usually find kombu? Mainstream grocery? Specialty? Produce section? I had never heard of it before but am curious to try. Thanks.

  2. Jennifer, I usually get kombu in health food stores. I have yet to see it in a regular grocery store, but almost all health food stores carry it. Good luck!